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Serie de intamplari petrecute pe vapoare de croaziera fluviale. Part 2 - Casinoul si bataia.

Salut roddit!
Astazi vin cu o alta poveste din multe altele, pe care le-am experimentat in parcursul a 5 ani de cariera pe vapoare. Vreau mai intai sa va multumesc pentru comentariile bune pe care le-ati manifestat. Sa stiti ca ajuta foarte mult in timpul asta in care nu fac absolut nimic.
O sa continui astazi cu o poveste care s-a intamplat acum 4 ani, in luna ianuarie, cu 2 zile dupa revelion. Sezonul urma sa se termine pe 5 ianuarie si sa avem o bine meritata pauza pana la mijloc de martie.
Dupa ce am avut ultima debarcare si am curatat vaporul de la coada la cap si ulterior de la cap la coada, am avut o petrecere organizata de companie, drept rasplata pentru un sezon reusit.
Asemenea petreceri implica paleti de bautura si kilograme de gratare, dj, dansat si voie buna de la 8 dimineata pana picam toti lati, de obicei pe la 2 noaptea, ziua urmatoare. Nefiind de ajuns pentru unii colegi de-ai mei ( inclusiv eu ), am decis sa iesim pe afara.
Eram prin Anvers, oras in Belgia, facut celebru de co-oraseanul meu Traian Basescu. Afara erau -10 grade, ceva zapada si noi ( aprox 10 tineri ), am decis sa exploram orasul la picior. La ora aia doar noi si curvele din cartierul marinarilor mai erau pe strazi.
Eram toti cu salariile proaspat platite, cu cardurile la noi, in stare de semi-ebrietate si cu chef de distractie. Un filipinez a decis ca ar fi o idee buna sa mergem intr-un casino, ca sa ne mai suplimentam putin veniturile sau sa facem o vizita la ING imediat ce aterizam la Otopeni.
Zis si facut. Eu sunt o idee mai temperat, si mi-am zis ca nu voi cheltui mai mult de 50 de euro, si nu voi mai juca daca trec de un castig de 100 de euro. Norocul meu a fost sa castig 2 maini de blackjack si sa-mi termin seara cu 200 euro profit. Pentru alti 4 colegi de-ai mei, nu a fost chiar asa.
Baietii astia 4, toti cetateni ucraineni, si-au pierdut la aparate suma de 2000 de euro fiecare. Nu stiu daca au urmarit vre-un holy grail dar in mod cert le ziceau la neveste cati bani au incasat la final de luna. Niciunul din ei nu cred ca voiau sa isi supere rusoaicele cand se intorc acasa.
Fiind in paguba, le-a venit o idee sa ne ceara ceva bani imprumut, fapt care pe un vapor este strict tabu. Noi avem o zicala care suna cam asa : " de la vapor doar se ia, nu se da nimic ".
Vazand ca tot insistau, noi am ajuns pe la 4 dimineata inapoi la nava. Ei nu. Aveau sa stea o idee mai mult. Le venise ideea sa intre peste o curva, sa ii fure banii si sa-i joace iar la aparate pana cand isi recuperau suma pierduta.
Gasisera o negresa si au intrat peste ea. Treaba e ca la belgieni, strazile cu vitrine in care presteaza respectivele sunt patrulate in permanenta de politie, totul fiind perfect legal.
Din ce am aflat, pestii tipei, dupa ce a apasat butonul de panica, s-au miscat mai rapid decat politia. Au ajuns in cateva secunde, si au realizat o descindere pe modelul SIAS asupra colegilor mei. Ulterior am aflat ca ei locuiesc la etajele superioare ale respectivelor cladiri ca sa isi monitorizeze mai bine afacerea si sa evite fix situatiile de genul.
Colegii nostri au ajuns pe la 8 inapoi la vapor,si beti, si batuti si fara bani, telefoane, ceasuri si portofele. Se pare ca afaceristii le-au luat tot ce aveau de valoare de la ei in schimbul neraportarii incidentului la politie. In timpul in care colegii mei au fost usurati de bani si alte maruntisuri si in acelasi timp batuti, tipa sunase la politie spunand ca nu e nevoie sa intervina, ca a fost apasat din greseala.
Asta a fost povestea de azi, sper ca v-a placut!
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Is it going to hold on?

I really started playing about an week and i didnt played since day one, im at rank 33 and i didnt purchased nothing cause i had way too little experience to know if it was worth spending, (it is for sure not worth a penny in its current state) I dont want to discuss too much about that because there are posts who clarified this way better than i ever could that the game in is current state is absolute garbage gameplay-wise
But now i was expecting a update soon to fix these extreme major issues early on and actually allow me more than an 10 min gameplay everyday. They posted an roadmap saying the most close update we getting v1.1 will come by middle of november, day 11? This game is completely dry and there is absolutely nothing more to do other than wait with single week of playing and they expect it to hold on this state for an entire month? It will die by next week!

Dead End

There is nothing to grind, nothing to achieve, and i alredy mapped and collected enough stuff to cook for pretty much any situation i find myself in. All my mine deposits are respawning, the quest tab is completely empty, no commisions, alredy looked up guides for finding the random missions and even collected achivements by finding stuff such as books. I got my stamina maxed out, not a single collectiable i left out.
They handcrafted this world, to you to walk and get lost doing collecting, raiding villages, doing little random puzzles, following wisps around, and opening chests, lots of chests, it was as fun as it could be! I enjoyed myself a lot, but after you did your first exploration the map just plain dries out? And now these landscapes are there, doing nothing for the rest of your journey into the game? The gameplay loop core of the game just.. STOPS and leaves the player with nothing to do, other than get bored and leave?
Please dont come comenting and saying crap about you should play slow and that you should basicaly "manage your fun" because "You should play slow and intentionally keep yourself from exploring, cuz' thats the way too play the gaem" Srly if you think games should work like that you gotta be deeply brainwashed or something because its complete BS.
Everything you do in these lands are obsolete and pretty much dont progress you in any way into the game, Monster drops or maybe ores but they are useless without the prototype, walled of by and week respawn timer, what a shame. They market it and made a great job on making this game fun by letting you go and explore and just struck a lot of random fun stuff but they could not make this cycle repeat? Because after you hit AR25 and above the game changes into this timer where you wait resin to come to make minimal progress then leave, compared to early on the game where you could with ease spend the entire day exploring. The map is huge, there is no way to explore every single inch and remember everything, why they could not just put an re-exploration mechanics instead of blocking of players from making progress by playing it?
The random wooden chests respawn are not even remotely worth my time, i just fly over empty lands looking for little pennies? These wooden chests are petty, not worth the time wasted looking for them it so unrewarding...
The game straight tells you to stop playing it, by boring the heck out of you. And no money i could ever spend would fix it, because them i would be paying to grind boring crap dungeons which are just plain arena set on a void landscape, even if i unlocked characters, rolled as many 5* i could it would not bring back the actual fun core gameplay loop which is aparently gone and not coming back until new map. Compared to the rest of the experience i had early on this is just not fun, The only thing i got to overtake is the spiral abyss. There is nothing more, and the only way is grinding for stuff by plain waiting, how fun.
If they are making us players wait 30 days until a major change, expect for more than half the playerbase be dead, even whales since no money can fix these huge gameplay system flaw. Unless their casino addiction hold them for an entire month with no content whatsoever and just plain grinding dungeons just to play spiral abyss with some bigger stats.
I expected Breath of the wild JRPG, i got that. for a week, then it just half-done gameplay. How they could mess up that so hard. There is nothing to explore on a game that takes inspiration on a game which you go out and find cool stuff randomly exploring. BOTW was more than a week worth of fun, that is plain fact, the gameplay loop keeps the player engaged for so long even with the limited map.

About Co-op

The Co-op is so boring, really. Nobody game tested that? its so plain and full of nothing, you run around, and just look the host doing stuff while you stand there not going even an step further with your own progress which come to a total halt when on co-op. Basically ALL the Co-op worth stuff (Domains, bosses) Are locked behind resin, cuz "its sure great to be limited how much you can have fun with mates by stamina". Also dungeons are so short, you do them in 2 minutes max, with friends even faster, then you part ways cuz there is nothing else to do, bosses are the same, dont go over 5 minutes of fun then "oh look 3/120 Resin".
My friends and i joined this thinking we were going to join eachother and go 4 guys exploring around and killing stuff. First we had to reach AR 16 (About 12+ hours of playing) to find out it is no fun, you cant do nothing at all, cant solve puzzles, can open chests, receive absolute bullcrap when killing stuff, cant do random quest you find around, you cant have FUN, better of not having co-op at all if its meant to be like that. They explicit market it was "go and explore the world with your friends in co-op". While it actually is a poorly done limited multiplayer.

My conclusion on this...

Just letting clear that if they wont change anything, the game will be simply dead by november, everyone by then will have reached this plain dead end and quit all my friends got to this point and stopped, i would give it another chance with another week, but an entire month of 10 minute poor gameplay basicaly collecting dust and some stats? Aint even worth my time opening it! What a shame, see that they created this world to it end like this in just about weeks. There is no fun to go around anymore...
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DM wants to tell his story

Hello everyone. This is a story about me, the DM, his wife and two other players. I joined an existing group who played through the first story arc, but one of their players had to move away and they wanted a replacement. The Story pitch in the Facebook Group sounded interesting, but I didn't know any of the people or the system I would be playing with.
It was a Traveller Sci-Fi Campaign and my character was the Security Chief of the Spaceship the others hired as transport. The Captain and the rest of the small crew of the ship were NPCs. One thing I noticed early was, that the DMs wife showed clear signs of being a Murder-Hobo. She deliberately risked damaging the spaceship and when the Captain sent me (the Security Chief) to make that doesn't happen, she came close to just shoot my character to stick it to the captain.
Despite that, the first few months went really well. We encountered an unknown alien race that threatened even the most advanced races. Our Engineer and the Scientist (DMs Wife) had a blast trying to figure something out, but failed. Our technology was to low tech, the DM said. After another fight, which we barely survived, we came to an outpost that was preparing to be attacked by these aliens and we were stuck there.
This is the point where everything starts to fall apart. At the beginning of the next session I was 15 minutes late. And when I joined, the DM explained to me that the others decided to go onto the Outpost. He then asked me what my character would do. As Security Chief, I figured I would stay on board of the Ship. Especially with an upcoming battle. His reaction was "great, in that case you can go home now, because you won't have anything to do today." - I changed my mind and said that my character could probably use some time off the ship, so I was included into the away team.
We walked around this outpost and were told that they already won one assault of this unknown Enemy, so they didn't worry about the upcoming attack. The scientist (DMs Wife) looked for a laboratory, so she could figure out what this Enemy was and how to best fight it / defeat it. The Scientist NPCs on this Outpost refused to let her enter the Lab and said that they have enough people and research samples to do that on their own. I tried to contact the military leaders, but was told that they didn't have time for me. I could join the defense forces, but I wouldn't get any superior weapons, training or infos about the last attack. And that I should go and be merry before the next attack happens.
In fact, every Info we got from the DM was, that no one was worried and we weren't allowed to do what our characters were good in to help the situation. At some point the DM even refused to let us make a check if we succeed and just shut us down with "you can't do that". We had absolutely no idea what we could do, nothing was allowed or "wouldn't work". So our reaction was at one point "is there a casino in this outpost?" There was and our Characters spend the first evening winning money in the casino.
The DM ended the session 2 hours early, by saying "we should go home and think about what we heard so far and what our characters could do about it. Maybe then we would realize the danger we are in."
At the start of the next session, we met a new NPC. A rich guy who was worried about the attack and offered us to take us with him, he had a ship but no engineer and no pilot. We refused (afterall, no one else was worried about this attack) but we used the time to have some fun with this nice NPC in the casino. When the attack started, we were allowed to make some checks on how the defense was going and we were quite successfull. Until the DM explained that we were doing great, but every other part of this Outpost was overrun and that our characters would have to leave or die soon. It was the most Meta Gaming decision I ever made, but we escaped. The NPC took us in and we left our old ship behind. (Basically my Security Chief Character watched his ship and crew fighting and loosing, and was forced to leave them behind to be slaughtered.)
We made it to the home planet of this rich NPC and what followed were a short scene of "this is the most secure planet in the galaxy". We were allowed to spend a night in the NPCs Mansion and during breakfast, the NPC was convinced that there was no reason for us to hear any news or radio. It would just ruin the good mood. We managed to listen to a news station anyway and yes, the most secure planet in the galaxy was already under attack and was loosing. The session ended with us fleeing in a shuttle to reach the ship, but we were shot down and crashed in a jungle.
The last session of this campaign I missed. I couldn't be there and the DM assured me, that he would leave my character in the background, just following the others around. Two hours into the session I got a message from the DM saying "I am so sorry!" He explained to me, that my character slipped and hit his head while the unknown aliens were hunting the party and was unconscious. And none of the other players would carry me, so the Aliens got me and consumed me. Shortly after that the DMs wife sent me a message, saying that she tried to pick me up and the others as well, but aparently my character was to heavy for three PCs and one NPC to carry. So at some point they didn't know what else they could try while the enemy came closer and closer. So they "were forced" to leave me behind.
The DM appologised and offered me some boons for my next character. I took some time before I decided that I would take my characters death as a chance to drop out of the campaign. Shortly after that he announced that he wouldn't look for a replacement for me and three players weren't enough for his campaign, so the campaign ended very abruptly.
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I think i like this dream, even if it all wasnt pleasant

so uhh i had another dream it started off with me and this guy, who bought/rented out this apartment in new york to film a movie about two guys named Jeormy something, forgot his exact name but it starts with J and Georgy, and the house is haunted in the film and it takes me to a version of my grandpa's farm at night, and im hiding with my cat luna, with her catfood, some plushies in my grandpa's room as there are duds in black robes and wearing black fedoras, so i put everything into my dad's car, i climb over a few electric fences, and then drive away and for some reason i could minorly feel shock from the fences and feel like i was actually driving (minor detail in the ghost movie scene and here i actually felt fear like i was running away or wanting to get out, idk if that helps the story any) but anyways i end up in this neighborhood,still dark out and his middle aged fat lady comes out of her trailer i come in, she is really nice, her house is a mess and she decides to feed me and then i leave and then im in this dump area that i couldnt explain more than fallout new vegas casino area, except its in a really nice neon looking junk yard and i came in, someone killed my car aparently and it respawned with all of my stuff back at my grandpas house, i was looking around and i found some car keys that were green and said "LUCKY" on it, clearly the owner of this car likes gambling or is the owner of a casino, and i look around for the car and then i find two green credit cards on a shelf with something on it to hide the numbers, i take just the credit cards and then later my friend Sierra comes into the area (she has short pink hair if that helps the story any) and for some reason the whole vibe got really wholesome , like it was a happy ending and i heard happy music in the background and then she pointed out where the car to those keys are, and she said something about it being a chevorlet and that we dont need that one anymore, and then for some reason in the dream i question my gender, and i was given an option by some entity that teleported me to go into the guys bathroom but i was too scared too because what if they see me as a g0rl and then there were people talking , and being wholesome in the neon fallout junkyard and there was gracie from my school for some reason, and they used a g0rl pronoun , and it made me feel a way in the dream and i wanted to say diffrently but i didnt and then i was shown this person who looks very g0rl and they were wearing this black and white decorated robe and the narator said "Judas wore this robe to turn into male" , it was wierd ngl i never am a certain gender in a dream but when i am its this the car in my dream that i got looked EXACTLY like this, in this shade of green except the green was in a pattern
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Can't join my friend session

That's it, I can't join my friend session for no aparent reason. We are both on pc. We have played togheter before, actually made the whole casino heist togheter along other friends but for some reason whenever I tried to join his session either of us gets kicked out. We can play with those other friends no problem so I have no idea wtf is going on.
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Terrible game performance due the narrow-minded devs

Aparently latest casino update killed performance for many of us and game currently unplayable at its current status, and terrible optimized. I had to myself to drop graphic setting from ultra to high due to bad optimization and this is very unacceptable behaviour. Rockstar if you keep adding more content and its acceptable and understandable to casuals outnumber core gamers by such a gross margin that supposedly core games are being affected from a development and design standpoint in order to accommodate casual gamers and their potentially weak gaming skills, but its still hilarous to behold. Please Rockstar next time properly optimize and test your update before releasing it as to solidfie this further thanks.
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to the family i never had here is a letter ill never send.

im so glad for one thing , no matter how much it hurts, learning that i meant nothing to all the people i would once die for, its a strange feeling and thats how i lost my mind. i could of let her go, i did. it hurt a little but ok thats life. letting them go, the toxic, self obsorbed, childish, greedy, manipulative so called family i thought had, that made me want to kill myself. its sad how much i needed them, how much i wanted their love and acceptance, how much i wanted us all to succeed. the biggest mistake i made was thinking my aunts meant it when they said they wanted to help. i litterally lost my shit, because they pretend to be better, and they pretended to care so well, i actually believed them for a while. i almost forgot about how i took care of their father on his death bed, WIPED HIS ASS! as he apologized to me humbled in shame, at the time i never once made them aware of how he felt so un-loved and betrayed by how willing they were to put any small event before taking care of him. he felt like a nussiance to my aunts. he and i didnt say anything, because he still wanted to spare their feelings. i almost forgot how my mom worked 2 jobs and took care of him, when they could have done so much more than show up for the occational doctor visit, more than just throw money at the situation. still they somehow found the audacity to fucken complain about it. he was your dad, if you cared then dont complain, it should have been a labor of love. i missed out on alot of 8th grade because of my home life. i missed work to take care of my grandpa, in the 8th grade i already had a job. i missed movie dates, sport events, even sometimes whole school days. discovering how blind my entire family was to my love, dedication, and the ugly truth that i meant nothing to them, that directly feed the already overwhelming feeling of utter lonelyness. i should have given up on all of you along time ago when my grandpa said " dont be like everyone else mijo, your diffrent, you have a chance to be better ". i'd sit and talk with him for hours sometimes. a man speaks only truth when he faces the inevetable end of his life. he had so much regret, he embeded so much honesty and truth in my morals when i was by his side almost everday for 5 months. somehow my aunts still wonder why i see them as children? even letting them go hurts. or my siblings, the shit they put me through almost convinced me i was crazy, those shitty half brothers were all i had. if i was a piece of shit, i was a piece of shit with them. i tried to guide my little brother everyday, did his homework in highschool so he wouldnt be a dropout, and still sometimes in college. or when i held him as a kid and lied when i said mom was comming back when i knew she was out for the night. or when i spent my birthday with him in the hospital when he puntured a lung on his dirt bike. i loved them all, like my goofey brother who was lost in his life at 20, he was angry and i took him out to eat at 16 and talked to him about how to be a hardworking honest man, i told him i believed in him. i smothered him with love. i used to repeat " hey... hey... hey" until hed shout angrly " WHAT!!" and id say "i love you" then we'd both laugh. i used to defend his name when i could, and encourage him to be better. then theirs the fuck up of a brother, the one who used to steal my money as a kid for cigarettes. or all the times i spent helping/watching his kids as babys and todlers, because grandma wasnt there half the time. and when she was, she was in her room. i changed their diapers, cleaned their vomit, and babysat almost 5 days a week after school at one point when he was in prison.i was there in times when he was so full of anger and obnoxiousness, no one would associate with him. i always tried to show him when he was wrong, a thing only my mother once had the power to do. i remember a time when he had thousands of dollars from a robbery, and i was still paying his part of the rent with my college tuition because he lied about having money. he later blew the majority of it on the casino, drugs, and hookers. how could i forget the time he asked me with watery eyes if i could get some pizza for his kids because he promised them dad would do it. i didnt even bat an eye when i spent my last dollar for them. all the times i forgave him for being a shitty person in the hopes that he could be better. then theres my most oblivous and naive brother, the one who never grew up. hes the one who was an aparent success on the outside, but a lost child on the inside. i used to want to hang out with him only to hear him say "your still to young" or "maybe next time." later i learned that he never really lets anyone get to close to him. all my life i watched him be truely unconnected to others, and fain intrest, because deep down he felt alone growing up, as a result he hid his emotions. knowing this about my brother only made me want to show him that i was his family. he dose work hard, but his tunnel vision cost him a real life, one with ups and downs, one with really emotion. not a life where you have to try and implememt a " just ignore it" adittude because your to afraid to confront any feeling other than joy, or some aloof sence of false happieness. i had to be mean and kind to him, to show that he's greedy and selfish and i understand why, but i know he can still be more. for him it was the little things, a hug just a little tighter, or mean banter, like calling him a jack ass, followed by i love you, because he sees that as family, and it is. i will never understand how they cant see how much i do/did for them. all of them brothers, women in my past, friends, aunts. ive talked an old flame through her suiacidal drunk phone calls. ive picked up a friend at 1 am in another town because his car crapped out and he had a baby with him. id walked a friend across town in the rain at 1 am because she had a fight with her mom, or the times i leant out my car becasue a friend needed to be at family court. how could a friend forget i was the only one who truly wanted to help when no one else would pick up their calls? i tried to help my friend run away from his abusive mom and stepdad, i took pictures of his bruses and tried to help him black mail his parents to leave him alone. they did, and things got better for him. because thats what friends do!! i didnt complain when my friends little brother needed to stay on the couch when he was trying to get back on his feet, i just helped a friend sleep on my sofa the month before, so why not again? or times when i tried to mediate the passive aggresive diffrences between two friends i saw as brothers. at least, i feelt like a brother. i made mistakes, i have no excuses, but we always knew it shouldnt matter because when your family, the common goal is always to try and be better. at one point they feed me housed me, and put up with my needyness and i will always be greatful for that. in many, many ways they were more family to me than anyone else. im not mad at them, im only sorry i ever burdened them. in this moment i can only describe this feeling as freeing yet lonely, a confused emotion somewhere between loss and opertunity. im beginning to see some optimism emerge from the growing reality of having no one on my side. im happy because i know this new and hopeful outlook will bring me one step closer to finding a real family, one that i deserve. yet still i feel so torn. all the good times with my friends and family now feel like a lie, holidays and parties, easter football was a classic. the jokes and jam sessions with friends. i feel like ive never know what it is to have a true family. blood dosnt make you family, years of history and memories dont make you family, unconditional love through mutual efort, that makes you family, to say i want to learn with you, to say i hate you for putting me through this but id go through all of it for you, to believe that no one persons happieness matters more then anothers, to know that i would never put you down to lift myself up, and to understand that someone who cares about you would go through hell to keep showing you how much they care. the reallity of feeling true acceptance might make someone want to stop putting a loved one through hell, all of that makes you family. to know the difftence between sympathy and empathy, and to be aware of the wholesome fact that true family feels both. family not only feels your pain, but will suffer with you in the hopes that they can pull you out, not out of obligation, but out of love. learning that the people i surounded myself with were nothing close to a really family to me, almost killed me. a little part of me always knew this was the truth. even still, seeing it so clearly now left me broken. out of all that i have one beautiful silver lining, the reason i get out of bed everyday, and that reason is to find good people that i can call family. the complicated beauty of being human leaves me awe struck every day. its strange how the sudden and deep knowlege that durring times of trial and tribulation a person may emerge permantly scared yet somehow still be all the better. it kills me to know that none of you people are real brothers, aunts, cousins, or friends, why smile in my face and laugh/talk behind my back? i truly tried to care about the woman who exposed an untrustworthy world. my goal was simple, first i tried to give her friendship, then unconditional love, because i felt thats what a possibility at the time, i knew i might lose her and i felt it, but i never thought in a million year i would lose all of you. understanding the resiliance of my spirit is a wonder of my life that continues to ellude me, leaving only brief moments of clarity followed by weeks of confussion. i dont know how long it will be until i find the family i belong to, but i search everyday for someone to maybe one day call family.
i loved you all so much what happened to you all? you stopped being a family when my mom died. she had given so much love to everyone, all you people ever learned to do was to take it. if her absence lead to our whole family falling apart, were any of you really family to eachother?
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My (26) girlfriend (25) of two years still doesn’t trust my family

I don’t want to write much but I’ll end up anyway. I’m also leaving stuff out and trying to get to just the concrete. Your also only hearing my part so it is biased but I still want the advice. Also a lot with no tldr sorry
We been together two years. One day in our first few months together I ask my girlfriend if she can come to some church event my mom is planning at my house. Most family would be there along with church people. I’m excited because she’s finally going to meet my family. I mostly want to introduce her to my cousins who I’m close to. (She already knows my sister and parents but that’s it. I’ve also met a lot of her family and friends.)
The day comes and she’s there but I’m actually become busy and I end up running around helping my parents with things. I end up leaving my girlfriend unattended a few times. I felt she was a bit nervous because it’s a lot of people and the first time she’s meeting most of my family. Since this was about a year ago I don’t remember much but i remember introducing my girlfriend to my cousin who I wanted her to meet since I’ve told both of them so much about each other and they haven’t met yet. I end up getting up to help my parents again and a few moments later she’s gone, like nowhere to be found. I look everywhere and I try calling and nothing. I freak out completely I’m not sure what happened I remember thinking no way she could leave me like without saying anything. She eventually shows up and said she stepped outside for a cigarette and end up running into a old friend. But something was up because the rest of the day she was distant, wouldn’t want to talk much and seemed mad at me. I told her I can take her home with some of my cousins who are leaving and she agrees but is still distant. when talking her and my cousin home she didn’t want to sit beside me and preferred to sit in the back when everyone told her it’s okay to sit next to your boyfriend. But it’s fine. She never really explained what was up that day and Other family events happen and she doesn’t want to come and makes an excuse for it.
One day my family is planning a two day trip to a casino and I literally have a to beg for her to come. She agrees and the drive there with my parents everythings fine. When she realizes my aunt and cousins are there she turns completely different. At this point don’t realize there’s a problem with my family I just know she’s upset about something. Like the quiet and distant person she acted before. When we go out to dinner at a pizza place with my family she wouldn’t eat or talk to anyone not even me. She would talk to the waiter happily that’s it. My parents would try to interact and ask what’s wrong she says she’s just not hungry. My cousin is with her boyfriend and just talking to each other. I ask her what’s wrong and she’s very upset and says don’t talk to her she’s gonna break up with me. I’m very confused and almost about to cry. That trip was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced tbh we argued the whole time. throughout the trip she wanted me to ignore her and just spend time with my family and let her be. I felt like there was a split and I didnt know why but I wanted to make her happy and to get along with my family. She was distant and I couldn’t understand why. She says she wasn’t confortable with my family yet and wasn’t ready to be here. I was upset because I have gone to literally everything she had invited me to which included her family and friends events. And I had to beg her to come to one of mine. She said she would have been fine if my sister was there but she didn’t make it.
My girlfriend is close to my sister and would talk with her all the time. They text memes and their day. She spoked about wanting to be accepted by my family. One day my sister has a confirmation from church and invited me and my girlfriend. On the way she asks who’s gonna be there and I say my family like my aunt and my cousins. Her mood changes and I ask her if she wanted to go and she says no. I ask her why and I get nothing. We still end up going and when it’s over everyone wants to have dinner. My girlfriend says she’s going home and I say I can take her. She refuses and sprints away and gets on a train station. I’m trying to catch up and ask what’s wrong but she’s gone and just tells me to go with my family. I have her on the phone and I’m trying to at least take her home and I feel disrespected that she would rather take a train than to leave with me. I never get angry or ever scream like ever but that was the day. I yell at her wanting to break up. At that time she was walking back to me to finally talk aparently. So she cries on the sidewalk and at that same time my family spots her and ask what’s wrong and to come with them. She’s crying and says I just broke up with her. Everyone is concerned and confused but they end up leaving and blowing up my phone to see if I’m ok. I don’t explain and I meet with her later and ask what is going on with me and my family.
She finally tells me the story of how the day she came to my home where there’s was the family church event and she would try to talk to my cousin who I introduced her to and apparently my cousin would ignore her and eye roll. Then proceed to talk to another family member in Spanish. She felt disrespected and since then feels like my cousin has been rude to her. So she tells me she doesn’t want to be around her. I’m pissed it’s taken so long for her to tell me this like a whole year. I’ve known my cousin for life baisically and when she told me this story I felt like it came to a misunderstanding but she’s mad that I don’t believe her and I’m calling Her a lier. She doesn’t want me to ask my cousin about it and even if I do she probably wouldn’t remember it coincidentally. Only thing I do know is she believed it happened and she’s been keeping this to herself for a year. Our whole time Together it’s been killing me on why she won’t see my friends or family but I get a answer now to my family. She apologizes but we both feel embarrassed about the day. I tell her I don’t care and still want to be with her. I tell her I’m sorry she experienced that and wish I knew about it sooner. I wanted to stay with her and just try to mend the mistake with my cousin. We agree to stay and I felt I can have her feel comfortable with my family after eventually and plus she’s still good with my parents and sister.
One day she asks me what I’m doing and I say playing Mario kart with my cousin. We were playing on my girlfriends switch and it’s the same one who disrespected her. She gets upset because she doesn’t believe I’m taking seriously what she told me and playing with her means I still don’t believe her and doesn’t feel like I’m taking her side. She evens tells her sister and brother about the whole thing and they respond wit is she even my cousin why are we so close. I get upset and tell my sister about this. I ask her if she can talk to her about it. Neither me or my sister really believe my cousin would intentionally do something disrespectful and think maybe it was reading cues wrong or she was being awkward My girlfriend hates this idea because she says she isn’t dumb and knows when she’s being disrespected.
My cousin hasn’t really talked about my girlfriend but would always ask me how is she and I would tell her about her but nothing negative. We Usually talk about video games and my cousin is a big fan of Zelda just like my girlfriend so we talk about stuff like that Me and my cousin even planned to go to six flags together with her boyfriend my girlfriend and my sister. My girlfriend declined but I went with them anyway but I didn’t have fun I was missing her. I feel like my family does probably think my girlfriend is crazy but they never said anything disrespectful. They all would littered just ask how’s she’s doing. Around the time we were at the casino I would tell them she isn’t feeling well. But back to her being upset about Mario kart.
She’s upset now at my sister because now she thinks my sister is also calling her a lier. So after that the relationship with my sister and my girlfriend worsened. Which I feel is tragic Because I was the one who brought my sister into this and my girlfriend was the one who convinced me into talking with my sister more since I didn’t do much of that before. Now when they’re both around my girlfriend is less talkative then before and sees my sister differently. My sister wants her to feel okay and doesn’t see my girlfriend differently and tells me she hopes it can get better because she really likes her.
I really just don’t want her to feel tension with my family and to be honest want her to feel comfortable with my family just like I am to hers. She says nothing changed with my sister but I jus feel like it did and so does my sister. She feels like she doesn’t have to be close to my family because she’s only dating me and if I ever had a problem with her family she would side with me because she’s dating me.
Today she wanted to talk about it again but I felt we were discussing the same things again and I just want something to change and every time we talk about it I don’t feel like it gets anywhere. I’m still hoping on it will get better like one day we’re all hanging out and she doesn’t feel like she has to separate herself. She feels like nothing has to change and it’s fine the way it is but i don’t like it. Not sure how to fix this for the better .
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Hi folks, We have an apartment in Hallandale beach/ South florida ready to rent for the upcoming season, any tips??

Hello friends!

i know we are few but anything goes..

nice 2/2bed bath aparment close to everything. casinos, beach, commerce.

nothing fancy but for a great price/deal,

maybe somebody here will know a family flocking to south florida this winter.

Let us knwo if anything,

thank you

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The Bard's Tale Trilogy Patch v4.29 Available

The Xbox One release of Krome Studios' remastered The Bard's Tale Trilogy was accompanied by a fairly sizable patch for the PC version of the bundle that among other things expanded its language support and added some new visual effects. And now, we get a new patch that focuses on bug fixing but also lets us override the language settings and introduces some minor gameplay changes. Here are the patch notes:
There is now an option to override the selected language (the one set by the "Language" tab on the properties of the game in your Steam library).
If you launch the game with the "-lang=" commandline (without quotes) you can select English, French, German, Spanish, Polish or Russian language by adding the 2 letter code, ie
Additionally - once this new build has been run for the first time, there will be a new file called "lang.txt" created on your PC, in the "%appdata%/../locallow/InXile Entertainment/The Bard's Tale Trilogy" folder on your PC. If you edit this file, you will be able to then override which language the game is displayed in; following the directions found within the file.
GENERAL FIXES - Performance improvements throughout the game. - Stability improvements throughout the game. - Fix for performance issues when transferring characters from BT1 to BT2. - Identifying an item at Roscoe's now counts as "using" the service, for a variety of achievements. - Enable tooltips for legacy mode options on the main menu; even if you had disabled tooltips in-game. - Fix for some commands being able to be activated and inappropriate times, eg “view inventory” while in combat. - Lighting fixes for when inside Casinos. - Fix for some taverns using the incorrect animation on their window, in BT3. - A variety of language translation fixes. - The entrances to dungeons in BT2 now fade as you enteexit, to make the transition nicer. - Removed ability to select equip/unequip when in battle, if there are no items in the inventory. - Fixed PartyAttack so that it can target non-controllable characters. - Fixed for cameos being able to get stuck at slightly wrong scale, when combat effects play. - Fixed gate opening issue in BT1 on reloading a save game. - Fixed issue where the treasure screen can get skipped by when pressing keys at the end of combat. - Fixed for bug where player map would be switched off if you exited to main menu while in the AG, and then loaded straight into a map, instead of back into the AG. - Added new purple textures for mountain walls to match the text description, for various levels in BT3. - Fix for town gates rendering incorrectly from various angles. - Fixed death snare timers from being able to be activated multiple times. - Fixes for some minor clipping issues in the various Wilderness terrains. - Fixes issues where AntiApar to other dungeon levels was working but shouldn't be. - Using the joystick/keyboard to select next/prev character while viewing character profiles will now wrap top bottom. - Added carpet spell effect to “Major Levitation” - Fixed the teleport not fully fading out to black. - Fixed items getting lost when changing class in individual inventory Legacy mode.
GAMEPLAY CHANGES - Harmonic Staff effects are now persistent when in Legacy mode. - Changed Alliria's last ghost so that it only accepts the rainbow rose now. It was accepting white rose also before which allows you to skip a large part of the puzzle. - Added support for “something odd” tiles. These reduce detection of traps/special/secret doors to 1 square instead of 3 and has its own automap icon and journal legend. - Health and spell drain ticks faster and takes 5% of the players health/magic per tick (rather than fixed amount dependent on difficulty). Taking a percentage means it will balance across BT1 -> BT3 properly. - BT2 - swapped path clues 1 &7 in destiny stone so 7 is by the exit, and added a warning message before entering the snare, as per feedback from users so as to make things a bit more clear - Removed the bottom center door from Oscon's fort lv3 that leads the player to the portals that they should never be able to access. We believe this was a bug in the c64 and all versions of the original game as the design clearly is trying to just tease the player with those portals, but their positioning suggests they are never meant to be used. - Moved Alliria tomb entrance from N6,E0 to N0,E0; to match to the original hint book notes - Moved Werra battle to the south east room, where it was clearly intended, judging by the text pretty much saying its there, and the room is the only anti-apar area on the map. Constructed a small room for the shield, since the text also says that it is in the next room. - Status effects created by item magic now A) cannot be persistent -- automatically downgraded to 148 min timed; B) only has half-duration to normal spells - this makes items much less powerful and much more rewarding to find one. - Invisible walls now use a normal wall icon since they are not passable and knowing they are invisible is not useful when examining the map. Railings - which are visible but can be passed through - use the same icon as crumbling walls, since they function the same. Invisible walls and railings can only be discovered by walking into/through them. Crumbling walls now appear solid until you walk through them.
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Bit of a war zone this week

just to preface this , this post isn't all about not having sex but more the apparent craziness or stress in the house that is causing that reaction .

So for the past month or so its pretty pretty dry in our bedroom. i think we're at once this month . we went on vacation as a family for a week down to the beach in NJ ( intentionally keeping the location vague) so no sex or anything for my birthday ( the day we left) but plenty of attitude on the drive down ( we rented a car , got upgraded to a luxury SUV , she wouldn't let me drive but wanted me to navigate a route with no tolls , i got yelled at cause she missed a turn ) . Vacation seemed to go ok no major fights or anything but i wasn't really trying to get close , as the kids were in the room with us . we did have a little fun one night, we had a couple adult beverages , and she was horny , i fingered her till she came , then a kid woke up ,and that got shut down . she made a few jokes about my apparent blue balls

a week later i planned a little date night , had sitters worked out for the kids , went to a new casino that opened . was like pulling teeth to get her out of the house . finally get on the road , get there , and had a decent time and i won a bit.
on the way home we stop for a quick bite to eat . and there it ends the " headache" shows up and she takes the only meds she has on her, Advil PM , which generally will have her sleeping in 90 mins or less . so after our hour drive home , we get home , get in bed , and she knows im pretty much expecting it.. we do actually have sex , but she passes out literally 30 seconds later , wasnt anything special , felt like she was just trying to get me away as fast as she could

anyway ,to the point of this post. kids are heading back to school this week. and the nastiness has been cranked up to 11. night before school , everyone is in an uproar , one kid being a pain doesn't want to get supplies prepped , in the mean time my GF and the kids aparently cannot say what they'd like for dinner ( this has been an increasing issue for a few weeks now) so i get " why do i have to make the choices , just fucking make something" but when i decide what to make " you have "single child syndrome", you dont care what anyone else wants" . so i just say fuck it what one kid wants , enough for everyone ,and my GF decides she doens't like it , and wont eat. fine , i cant please everyone.

on to yesterday , I'm at work , we are texting about cheer practice .. i have an email says practice is on . she texts me back
"learn to read " then with a screenshot of a text saying its cancelled that i was not part of . we get home.. same dinner argument again.. like WTF i think its pretty normal to ask those in your family would they like this or that or whatever for dinner i make what one kid asks for , she doesn't like that , so again she wont eat. We get through dinner , school forms and all that finally sit down ,she bitches about her job , i gave her a little advice to start looking for something new. i told her i did it twice in the past couple years , and she's seen that i've almost doubled my income . Her response was " so what your nothing special , just an ( my field of work) , a dime a dozen" im just like "ok .thanks baby you've always got my back " even though i make roughly 2.5x what she makes , and pay the majority of the household bills

so yea i just dont get it.. whats up with the random insults , talking down to me ,and no intimacy to speak of , nevermind the fact that she has brought up the idea of me buying a new car ( that we cant afford , or get credit for) to replace mine . the kicker is ,she has a car , fully paid off but doesnt like anymore , so she drives my suv every day while i take the train to work . so i told her " let me get this straight , you want to trade in my car that i still owe on, buy a new 50K SUV and if we somehow got approved i couldnt afford the payments, so you can drive it to work every day ( and if i want to drive it on the weekends , another fight will happen - see the rental car experience above)

so yea... been a pretty rough month and i have no idea where this stuff is coming from ?

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[For Sale][For Trade]At the Drive In, Arctic Monkeys, Ayalew Mesfin, Beach House, Chromeo, Delorean, Fleet Foxes, Flight of the Conchords, Foo Fighters, Issac Hayes, Johnny Jewel, Lupe Fiasco, The National, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Small Black, St Vincent, Sufjan Stevens, Blurays/Dvds

Here's my wishlist
I put everything on google spreadsheets to make it for easier sorting. I also have blurays, dvds, & comic books I'd be wiling to trade for vinyl as well if you're interested. Just click the Vinyl tab.
and it's a $5 flat shipping depending on how much you buy (should cover 3 records a $1 more for each record after that)Shipping in us only as well
Also because of some moronic trolls we have here, heres the list with reddits awful formatting
Extras Chromatics Posters Used Outer sleeves (40) $10
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[For Sale][For Trade]At the Drive In, Arctic Monkeys, Ayalew Mesfin, Beach House, Chromeo, Delorean, Fleet Foxes, Flight of the Conchords, Foo Fighters, Johnny Jewel, Lupe Fiasco, Mount Eerie, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Small Black, Sufjan Stevens, Blurays/Dvds, Digital Copies, Outer Sleeves

Here's my wishlist
I put everything on google spreadsheets to make it for easier sorting. I also have blurays, dvds, & comic books I'd be wiling to trade for vinyl as well if you're interested. Just click the Vinyl tab.
And here's a spreadsheet for digital copies of movies
and it's a $5 flat shipping depending on how much you buy (should cover 3 records a $1 more for each record after that)Shipping in us only as well
Extras Chromatics Posters Used Outer sleeves (40) $10
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The tale of two people who took over New Vegas in 5 minutes (spoilers)

I started playing New Vegas for the first time after have playing fallout 3 forever.
After doing the beginning quests, I finally go to the strip to find Benny, the guy who shot me. After walking through freeside, Me and Boone get to the robot guarded gate and the guards want to make sure I have enough money to be worth getting let in. I have enough money, but I deny the credit check as a political statement and fuck them up.
After I walk in, Victor tells me the leader "Mr. House" needs to see me, but then he fucking says Boone can't come in the place so I fuck him up and all the other robots outsite because Boone is awesome.
We walk it to missles and have to clear another room of robots. So far I hate this city. I go to the penthouse, where Mr. House is, and there are like 10 more robots. Me and Boone nearly die, but we prevail. I only see a huge computer... oh, holy shit, it's Mr. House! ..... He doesn't do anything... he won't talk to me. I notice there are two robots stuck behind a wall. Hidden passage! I hack a terminal, open the wall, and kill the robots. Mr. House still not doing anything.
There is an elevator in the secret room. I unlock it by hacking another terminal, and I ride it down.
Now I'm in this weird room with another terminal and a dude in a sleeping - chamber - pod thing. I unlock the pod with the terminal out of curiosity.
Some shriveled dude is lifted out and he is PISSED. He starts ranting to me about things, and I have no idea what he is talking about. He is acting like we have talked before so I assume he is just crazy. I'm sure he was hooked up to the computer or something. I tell him I will put him back in the tube, but he says it's too late because of germs. I feel bad... I didn't mean to... why didn't you just talk to me? I put him out of his misery with a grenade.
I'm pretty freaked out at this point. did I just kill the dude who runs this city? When I walk out of the place, nobody gives a fuck. Nobody knows what has happened.
Finally I go to find Benny. He is in a casino. I walk in and some cunt tells me to give him my weapons. I give Boone a quick glance and we know it's on. There is a full on firefight at the front desk, bullets, explosions, everything. We fight out way through and Benny is just chillin in the corner like this shit happens every day. Boone takes out the last guy and I start marching towards Benny.
Aparently, he hadn't heard any of the action and this is the first time he is seeinng me. He tells me that we need to be quiet and talk somewhere else. FUCK THAT YOU HOE. I tell him to talk right now. He says he won't and he will win a fight because he has guards and a gun.
... what the fuck is wrong with you? Is there something in the water here or what? I just killed all of your guards. I pull out my gun and blow his head off. He has my platinum chip on him. Oh that's convienient. Wonder what the fuck this does. Is the game over now? did I win?
I go up to Benny's room in the casino. There is a hole in his closet with another fucking robot in it. It's ok though, this one isn't I dick. He tells me Benny's plan was to take over Mr. Houses computer with the platinum chip by transferring him onto the computer. And once he is on the computer he will do whatever I say.
What the fuck.
I walk into the strip for revenge and I own the place in 5 minutes.
Did I glitch the game or something?
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Pacanele/Aparate GuSpiT Cazino REVINE IN FORTA! - YouTube Joc la aparate pentru voi, online la cazino! - YouTube PACANIM DIN CASINO! Pacanistii EP58 . Aparate Pacanele ... Florin Salam - Casino Manca-Te-Ar Cainii, 2016 - YouTube Aparate Pacanele Slots - YouTube Aventuri la aparate pacanele in cazino! Speciala Rise of Ra EGT + cash-out-uri NOU TIP DE FRAUDĂ LA CAZINOU - YouTube

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Pacanele/Aparate GuSpiT Cazino REVINE IN FORTA! - YouTube

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